Operation Theatre

The operation theatre is fully equipped with Advanced ENT & Anaesthesia Equipment to undertake even complicated General surgeries, Orthopedics,Gynecology & Obstetrics procedures.

» Operation theatre complex has one Major and One Minor Operation Theatres. Both the Theartres are very well equipped with Advanced ENT & Anaesthesia Equipment to undertake even complicated surgeries.

Intensive care Unit

Ours is a 3 bed Intensive care Unit along with NeoTech Infant Warmer with Phototherapy Unit.

Inpatient Rooms

All Our Inpatient rooms are very spacious, well ventilated and ambient.

» Suite Rooms have AC, TV, Refrigerator, Water Heater, Audio Connection and separate waiting rooms for attendants

» Deluxe Rooms are with AC, Water Heater, Audio Connection, TV.

» Single Room

Diagnostic Clinical Laboratory

We have fully equipped in-House clinical laboratory. Our Lab technicians are qualified and trained in giving accurate results.

In-house Digital X-Ray

12 Channel ECG

Audiology And Speech Therapy

The Audiological Evaluation is done in a specially designed Two Room Sound Treated Room set up to get the best results. Our Audiological Evaluation is done by a Qualified Audiologist.

Sleep Lab

We have Level III Resmed(Australia) Sleep Lab to Grade the Degree of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which is a simple and convenient test for the patient.

ENT OPD Services

» Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy.

» Video Laryngoscopy.

» Flexible Laryngoscopy

» Foreign body removals from Ear , Nose, Throat.

» Pure Tone Audiometry.

» Impedance Audiometry.

» Speech Therapy.

» Ear cleaning.


» In House Pharmacy.

» All the Medicines available are from Standard Ethical Pharmaceutical companies .

Surgical Equipment

We have State of Art Surgical Equipment. We have introduced LASER in ENT for the first time in Godavari Districts.

» ZEISS Operating ENT Microscope- Germany

» VELAS Diode LASER- For Bloodless & Sutureless Surgeries

» L&T Surgical Diathermy

» Karl Storz Nasal Endoscopy unit


» XOMED Microdebrider- For Nasal Polyps & Extensive Sinus Diseases- Germany

» Karl Storz Flexible Nasopharyngolaryngoscope